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about WoodTonic

Syn-Tech Enterprises Inc. was originally established in 1995, inside the campus of the University of British Columbia, 1/F., Suite 112 – 2386 East Mall, Gerald McGavin Building, Vancouver B.C., in Canada. Our task was to research and develop fine chemical products, transferring them to the commercial market.
Beginning of 2007, Syn-Tech Enterprises Inc. was registered as Syn-Tech Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. and incorporated in Hong Kong, with manufacturing and R&D facilities, locating in Hong Kong.
In August 2015, GO-2802 Masterbatch Nano-Grade Diesel Additive, recognized by the Hong Kong Science Park, was granted to play a role in the “Incu-Tech Programme – Green Technology”. Syn-Tech Fuel Management & Technology Co., Ltd. was established to take care of the research and development of the above-mentioned role.

Development of WoodTonic® Rapid Photocatalytic Air Purification Technology
Inspired by one of our senior staff, Mr. Ronald Wong, whom brought in a pack of white powder, said to be “nano Metal Oxide”. After many months of painstaking experiments and study on its chemical and physical properties, our research team has been able to modify the white powder into a transparent liquid solution.
When coated onto the porous surface and irradiated with LED light, it would eliminate the following VOCs instantly:
• Formaldehyde
• Organic Amine, Ammonia Gas
• Airborne Pathogens
• Bacteria
• Volatile Chlorofluoro Carbons
• Thinners

This technology differs from the existing similar methods, are listing below:
• No “HEPA” Filter (as it would reduce air flow)
• No Activated Charcoal
• No Nano-Silver
• No Nano-Titanium Dioxide
• No Oxygen-Rich Compounds
• No Ozone Generation
• No UV Irradiation
• No Anion Generation

Diesel Fuel Reduction (DFR) Projects:
  • Diesel Saving Program for Fishing Industry
  • Diesel Saving Program for Diesel Boiler - Laundry Cleaning
  • Diesel Saving Program for Generator Sets
  • Diesel Saving Program for Diesel Trucks

  • HKSAR Trade and Development Department's Factory Registered
  • HKSTP (2015-18) Incu-Tech Startup Company
  • HKSTP Startups Alumni Association